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Emergency Eye Care You Can Count On Across Connecticut

When your eyes need urgent attention, TotalVision is here to provide emergency eye care to the Newington, Mystic, and Uncasville communities. Our dedicated eye doctors are committed to safeguarding your vision and addressing issues like eye infections, corneal abrasions, and foreign body removal.

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What Are Eye Emergencies?

An eye emergency involves sudden vision loss, eye pain, or physical damage to the eye. These conditions require immediate attention to prevent potentially serious damage leading to permanent vision loss.

Seeking professional help instead of trying to self-medicate is crucial because eye emergencies can worsen quickly, and without proper treatment, they might lead to serious complications, including blindness. Eye care professionals have the expertise and tools to accurately diagnose the issue and provide the safest and most effective treatments.

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Symptoms of an Eye Emergency

If you notice any of the following symptoms, do not delay in seeking professional help:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Intense and persistent eye pain
  • Sudden and severe redness
  • Foreign object sensation
  • Sudden appearance of flashes of light
  • Sudden onset of floaters
  • Bulging eye
  • Chemical exposure
  • Double vision
  • Any injury to the eye

Remember that these symptoms may be signs of serious eye conditions, and seeking prompt emergency eye care is essential to ensure the best possible outcomes.

TotalVision's Emergency Eye Care Services

Immediate Care for Eye Infections

Eye infections can be painful and distressing. We offer immediate and effective treatment to relieve discomfort. Our experienced team will diagnose the issue and provide a personalized treatment plan to restore your eyes to their healthy state.

Healing Corneal Abrasions

A corneal abrasion can be painful and problematic. Our team is well-versed in treating these injuries. We use advanced techniques to facilitate healing and minimize discomfort.

An infected eye with conjunctivitis or pink eye
Eye of a child with conjunctivitis, inflammation of the conjunctiva, close up.

Safe and Efficient Foreign Body Removal

Getting a foreign body lodged in your eye can be frightening, and prompt removal is essential to prevent further damage. Our optometrists are well-versed in safely removing foreign objects and ensuring your eye's well-being.

If you are experiencing an eye emergency, don't wait! Call TotalVision at 1-800-693-9336 for immediate assistance. Your vision matters to us, and we're here to help.

What to Do During an Eye Emergency

Emergencies involving your eyes can be distressing, but knowing how to respond can significantly protect your vision. Here's a guide on what to do during common eye emergencies:

  • Don't Rub Your Eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes, as it can worsen the infection and lead to corneal abrasions.
  • Wash Your Hands: Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before touching your face or applying eye drops.
  • Avoid Contact Lenses: Remove contact lenses and refrain from wearing them until the infection has resolved.
  • Rinse with Saline: Gently rinse your eye with sterile saline or clean, cool water.
  • Seek Professional Care: Contact a healthcare provider or eye specialist immediately for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
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